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Covering the latest in pro wrestling news as well as independent wrestling around the world.

Hosts include The extended BackSeat Boyz family...

-Johnny Kashmere - Original BackSeat Boyz tag team member
-"Big 80s" Donnie B - Longtime NWA NJ booker, event promoter, and BackSeat creator.
-JP Grayson - Younger brother of the current BackSeat Boyz team
-Tommy Grayson - Older brother. both brothers have 9+ years experience
-Rob Sanderson - The voice of Upstate NY pro wrestling


The BackSeat Boyz, Donnie B. and New SPO Women's Champion Christina Marie recap END GAM3 Parts 1 & 2.


The Exploding Broom Closet Cinematic Match will be shown to start the broadcast off at 7:30PM so be sure to be there right at the beginning.

spocast 20

EP 20 - The Messiah (Season 1 Finale)

The BackSeat Boyz host a very special GO HOME edition of The SPOCAST with very special guest THE MESSIAH.

The Season One Finale kicks off at 9pm Eastern tonight (6pm Pacific) and we have quite a lot in store:

  • FULL LINEUP for END GAM3 will be revealed
  • CHRIS SIERA will live sketch THE MESSIAH on the air
  • The debut of the brand new segment 50 SHADES OF WRESTLING
  • The BackSeat Boyz recap the LOUD EAST WRESTLING event from this past Saturday in NJ and reveal where you can see them in and around Philly for "Mania Weekend"
  • We hear from the TAG TEAMS that will enter The BackSeat Boyz' SILVER SCRAMBLE CELL this Sunday.
  • PAT DYNAMITE has words for JOE CLEAN ahead of their CINEMATIC MATCH this Sunday.
  • WrestlingCAWS has made brand new Create-A-Wrestlers of THE MESSIAH as well as PAT DYNAMITE and JOE CLEAN (with Exploding Broom Closet Cinematic Match VARIANT ATTIRE!)
  • CORAZON makes us accessories after the fact to the crime of breaking and entering.
spocast 20

EP 18 - Fortnite 2 End Gam3

EP 17 - Homicide 30 for 30

EP 16 - Why'd he DEW it?
The BackSeat Boyz and Big 80s Donnie B discuss the latest in pro wrestling including Sting's Last Match. The debut of The LIGHT SIDE OF THE RING segment. Dewey Donovan will finally explain why he turned on the BackSeat Boyz at The Boss Battles.

EP 15 - RIC F'N BLAD3 Donnie B and The BackSeat Boyz interview Ric F'N Blade, remember a recently fallen brother, and announce matches for END GAM3!

SPO Cast Episode 011

SPOCast Boss Battles Recap and more

Spo Wrestling Feb 18th 2024 FULL SHOW!

The BackSeat Boyz will look ahead at the weekend and at the SPO Wrestling The Boss Battles Event this coming Sunday. We will see who shows up, all are welcome!

EP 13 - FUNeral For A Friend.

EP 12 - Donnie B & Tommy Grayson go live with Pro Wrestler & AEW Original, The Concrete Rose Sonny Kiss.

EP 11 - Future Endeavorz Rob, Donnie, and Johnny discuss the latest in pro wrestling news. A big surprise guest will be live on the air (former WWE)! The new ad for the BackSeat Body Muscle Builder Shake & Tea-Gimmick Combo at Burlington Nutrition will be viewed. A new match will be announced for SPO The Boss Battles Feb 18th.

SPO Cast Episode 011

Rob, Donnie, and Johnny discuss the latest in indy pro wrestling news. The PWU tbodyision within SPO Wrestling has been announced and we will show the video and the full announcement from PWU Owner Tod Gordon and BOTH competitors will be with us LIVE on the air tonight. Plus a new 15 Minutes of Fame segment! Show kicks off at 7:30pm EST

SPO Cast Episode 010

The 2024 Fantasy Draft

SPO Cast Episode 010

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